Up to 20% Off - Find the Stockings!

The Game is Afoot (literaly!)

It's back - our Black Friday / Cyber Monday sale - a Christmas stocking hunt!  

Find and click a stocking to reveal a code. There are 10% and 20% codes hidden across the site.

The coupons are valid until 30th November, so don't miss out!

Here is one to start you off!

There are ten more stockings hidden across the site on the product pages - but here are some clues:

  1. Read more books!
  2. Alice in woolly land 
  3. Lovely tits!
  4. Hand in hand with Elizabeth and Darcy 
  5. Harry Potter and the Pierced Ears
  6. "Hearts Mr Collins, Hearts!"
  7. Baby Book Lover
  8. I do this every night!
  9. Lumos!
  10. Get organised - your clue is no. 15
  11. "I think you are a very bad man" said Dorothy
  12. "Who in the world am I? Ah, that's the great puzzle"

Good luck!

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