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Book Cover - Kindle / Tablet / eReader - Book of Spells - Harry Potter Inspired

Handmade to order, please allow 1-2 working days make time

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Love your eReader but miss the feel of a beautifully bound book? Then we have the answer!

Beautiful book cover so every book you read can be from the Hogwarts reading list.

  • Inspired by Harry Potter
  • Available in the house colours: Gryffindor Red, Hufflepuff Black and gold, Ravenclaw Blue, Slytherin Green or a combination of all four.
  • Can also be personalised 
  • Complete with graffiti on the inside!
  • Compatible with almost any e-book reader or tablet, ALL Kindle Paperwhite devices including 2021 11th gen models with a 6.8 inch screen.
  • Can be folded backwards and has a magnet closure.
  • See the size guide below for which cover to choose
  • Extremely secure holding systems for ereaders and tablets
  • Cases weigh around 200-225 grams (without the device)
  • Beautifully made in England using traditional bookbinding techniques.
  • Cases are not compatible with devices that have a button on the back.

Size Guide 


Please see the photos for the size guide