10 Things that will remind you of school - Nostalgia

September is always a nostalgic month for me as it always reminds me of the beginning of school. 

These 10 things are sure to remind you of your junior school days, if you are a child of the 80's! 

1. A Fresh, Clean, Exercise Book

School exercise books

This time I will make it neat all the way through. This time is will happen.

2. Berol Handwriting Pens 

Berol handwriting pens

The ink was a strange greeny blue. One day I will level up to fountain pen.

3. Collecting the Balls of ink cartridges

Cartridge ink balls

Strangely satisfying, though not without being very very strange. Why did we do this?!

4. Fun Fax! 

fun fax kid's filo fax organiser

Such a cool organiser. Do you remember adding the stickers to the calendars? My favourite add on was the Fascination Facts list, I still remember 'The strangest things ever found on the tube".

5. Hymn Books - Come and Praise

come and praise school hymn books

Always tatty. If you were lucky you would get one where the faces have been humorously graffitied.

6.  Colour Changing Pens

colour change pens

I remember the thrill of getting one of these. ALL the colours, in one pen! Sad day when the spring action died. 

7. Plastic Pack Lunch Boxes

ed the duck school lunchbox

Where you on the packed lunch table too? My favourite lunchbox had Edd the Duck on the front. Inside I would usual find marmite sandwiches, a club bar (mint) orange squash and a satsuma. 

8. Collecting Football Stickers / Stickers of Anything

football stickers premier league 95

I personally collected Animal stickers, but most of my school collected Premier League stickers. I think my brother got pretty close to completing this one.

9. The Cool Compartment Pencil Cases

compartment hard pencil cases

I really wanted one of these, felt like there were a multitude of secret compartments and gadgets (even though it was just a pencil sharper and rubber drawer) 

10. Smelly Gel Pens

smelly gel pens

The level up from the standard gel pens - these actually SMELT of their COLOURS. Pink was strawberry, blue was blueberry and yellow was lemon. Everything was right in the world.

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