10 Banned Books for Banned Book Week - Shocking!

Banned Book Week is celebrated on the final week of September and is organised by the American Library Association to celebrate the freedom to read.

They believe that everyone should be able to decide what to read for themselves, rather than have the decision made for them.

Alice in Wonderland

1. Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (1865) - Lewis Carroll

Banned in China in 1931 as General Ho Chien (the censor) believed that attributing human language to animals was an insult to humans. He feared that the book would teach children to regard animals on the same level, which would be "disastrous"!

Animal Farm Banned Book

2. Animal Farm (1945) - George Orwell

Orwell Struggled to get his book published due to the criticism of the U.S.S.R. Once it was published, it was naturally banned in the U.S.S.R and other communist countries. It was also banned in United Arab Emirates schools as late as 2002 due to the talking pigs, which goes against Islamic values.

Catch 22 Banned Book

3. Catch-22 (1961) - Joseph Heller

Banned in several USA states (Strongsville Ohio, Dallas Texas and in Snoqualmie Washington) because it has several references to women as "whores"

Frankenstein banned book

4. Frankenstein (1818) - Mary Shelley

Banned in South Africa 1955 for being "obscene" or "indecent"

Green Eggs and Ham

5. Green Eggs and Ham (1960) - Dr. Seuss

Banned in the People's Republic of China in 1965 for its 'portrayal of early Marxism'. The ban was lifted after Dr. Seuss' death in 1991.

Harry Potter Boxed Set

6. Harry Potter Series (from 1997) - J K Rowling 

Banned in several schools due to it not adhering to Christian values as it contains 'cult and satanic subtext'.

Lady Chatterley's Lover banned book

7. Lady Chatterley's Lover (1928) - D. H. Lawrence

Temporarily banned in the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia for 'violation of obscenity laws'; all bans were lifted by 1965.

Lolita banned book

8. Lolita (1955) - Vladimir Nabokov

Banned in France, United Kingdom, Argentina, New Zealand, South Africa and Canada for being "obscene."

Tropic of Cancer Banned Book

9. Tropic of Cancer (1934) - Henry Miller

Banned in the U.S.A in the 1930s - 1960s for sexually explicit content and vulgarity. Also banned in South Africa until the late 1980s.

Adventures Huckleberry Finn Banned Book

10. Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (1884) - Mark Twain

Banned in several libraries after publication as the book was considered too 'crude'.

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