Frankenstein Friday - October 28th 2022

Did you know the story of Frankenstein was created due to a competition? Mary Shelly, her husband Percy and Lord Byron amongst other great writers wrote to see who could write the most epic horror story. We think Mary won this by a mile as Frankenstein's monster is still one of the most recognisable figures in horror to this day.

Frankenstein Facts 

  • It was first published in 1818 but it wasn't until 1823 that Mary Shelly's name appeared on the cover
  • The work is considered a very early example of Science Fiction 
  • People often call the monster 'Frankenstein', but it is actually the name of the doctor who created him
  • The book is also known as 'The Modern Prometheus'

How to Celebrate Frankenstein Day

Founded by Ron MacCloskey in 1997, Frankenstein Friday is meant to celebrate the birth of the Frankenstein monster, as well as its creator Mary Shelley.

Pick up a copy of Frankenstein and read / re read how Dr. Victor creates a monster from parts of dead bodies. Rather expectantly it doesn't end well!

You can also watch a film adaptation of the book, there are over 30 to choose from spanning from 1910 to the modern day.

If you want to go all out - why not host a Frankenstein party with fancy dress and themed food. 

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