Happy Book Lover's Day! 10 of Our Most Novel Gifts

As a book lover, running this online shop is a dream for me. Here are my personal favourite gifts that I enjoy between reads! 

1. Quotation Earrings £15

After every wise thing you ever say, point to your earlobes and say: "You can quote me on that!"

2. Pride & Prejudice Book Scarf - £39.99

Spend everyday with Darcy and Elizabeth, literally wrapped up with your favourite novel.

pride prejudice scarf

3. Bag / Tote - Never Judge a Book by its Movie - £6.99

Always, ALWAYS read the book before watching the film!

never judge a book by its movie bag

4. Bookmark Set of 3 - Vintage - A Bookmark Would be Better - £1.00

If only everyone followed these simple rules, the library would be a better place!

bookmarks set

5. Notebook / Travel Journal - On the Road - Penguin - £9.99

Perfect for jotting down your recent adventures

on the road journal

6. 3D Cookie Cutter - Jane Austen - £9.99

Who doesn't like cookies! Especially when snuggled up with a good book

jane austen cookie cutter

7. Mug - Penguin - Room Of One's Own - £9.99 

For tea. Obviously.

8. Book Print - Home is Where There's a Stack of Books by the Bed - £23.00 

Home is where the book shelf is!

home is where books bed print

9. Brooch / Pin / Badge - Book Lover Tattoo - Wooden - £12 

Guilty as charged!

book lover brooch

10. Pocket Mirror - Jane Austen - Beautiful for Nothing - £2.50 

A fitting quotation for reflecting on!

pocket mirror

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