How to Enjoy a Bookish Hygge

The Danes have been clear about it: hygge is all year round. And yet, this Scandinavian lifestyle of finding comfort and cosiness in simple things in life seems more and more relevant in Autumn. After all, since the weather forces us to spend more time indoors, we might as well make the most of it!

Isn't it the same with literature? Whilst we can always appreciate a good book, cosying up under a blanket with stormy weather raging outside is pretty much a synonym of reader’s paradise. 

We decided to combine the two to help you enjoy a bookish hygge during the coldest months.

Light up some bookish candles

Pride and Prejudice scented candle Harry Potter - Gryffindor scented candle

Slytherin scented candleWeasley's Wizard Wheezes candle

This is probably the first image that comes to mind when thinking of hygge: scented candles and a dimly lit room. To make the whole thing bookish, let our fragrances transport you to the majestic Pemberley, the common room of your Hogwarts house, or Fred & George’s shop.

Brew some loose leaf tea

Jane Austen tea Alice in Wonderland tea

Harry Potter butterbeer tea

Hot cups of tea are the best way to cosy up under a blanket or in a large sweater. To bring your favourite novels to life, we have a delicate rose and passion flower blend inspired by Jane Austen’s works, strawberries and cream brew for an Alice in Wonderland style tea party, and a butter-beer flavored tea to wander down the streets of Hogsmeade. Do you want your brew to be even more magical? Say no more: we have Harry Potter potion-style tea!

Get baking!

Edgar Allan Poe cookie cutter Charles Dickens cookie cutter

Comfort food and sweet treats are a staple of hygge… and so is making them from scratch, enjoying the process as well as the delicious final product! Why not remind everyone how much of a bookworm you are by surprising them with cookies that homage some of the most famous writers?

Grab your favourite book

A hyggeligt and bookish paradise wouldn’t be complete without the most important part: your favourite read. Take the time to enjoy an old classic or an exciting new story when you’re all comfy under the blankets, with a warm cup of tea in a cosy candlelit room.

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