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06 Nov

Winter & Christmas Baking Ideas from your Favourite Books

Posted by Giada Nizzoli in Christmas, Festive, Holidays

Bookish recipes from Literature

Any book lover knows that something immediately feels (or... taste) better whenever it’s connected to our favourite books. Just like Proust’s madeleines, taste has a nostalgic power that can take us back to a specific memory or, if it’s a recipe mentioned in a book that we’ve read, transport us right inside its setting.

Since the coldest months of the year are the best for hyggeligt activities such as baking, here are our winter and Christmas dessert ideas from literature.

Mrs. Cratchit’s Christmas Pudding - A Christmas Carol

How to forget the humble but heartwarming meal shared by the Cratchits and witnessed by grumpy Scrooge and the Ghost of Christmas Present, topped with a traditional Christmas pudding? But beware: you’ll have big shoes to fill, since her husband declared it the “greatest success achieved by Mrs. Cratchit since their marriage.”

Charles Dickens Cookies

Speaking of Dickens, what better way to pay homage to the author of the most Christmassy tale than by baking some Charles Dickens shaped cookies?

Apple Turnovers - Little Women

While not everyone might have an orchard like the March family, apples are incredibly easy to find all year round. To give it a Christmassy twist, add some cinnamon to the traditional apple turnover recipe.

Hagrid’s Rock Cakes - Harry Potter

How could anyone not love Hagrid? That’s why, even though his rock cakes were so terrible that even Harry preferred to hide them in his pockets rather than eating them, we still want to honour his baking efforts, but with a better recipe that adds some Christmas vibes.

Turkish Delights - The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe

It only takes someone to mention this classic book to find ourselves picturing a snowy, magical world. Since Turkish Delights are so easy to prepare, we recommend making them from scratch instead of obtaining them from an evil queen in exchange for your sister.

Mince Pies - Jane Eyre

One of our favourite heroines, Jane showcases meticulous craft and a newly-found independence whilst she’s preparing a memorable Christmas dinner involving, of course, mince pies.

Bruce Bogtrotter's Chocolate Cake - Matilda 

Isn’t Christmas the perfect excuse to enjoy this luscious recipe without feeling guilty?

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