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[boo k-luhv-er] noun: a person who enjoys reading and collecting books.


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13 Dec

Top 10 Christmas and Holiday Season Reads for Adults

Posted by Luke Daly in Holidays, Lists, new product

Feeling like a bit of a Scrooge as Christmas creeps ever closer? The pubs are full, the streets are crammed with shoppers and you keep forgetting to wear your winter coat on the way to work and by Santa's nose it is cold!

If you are struggling to get in the festive spirit here is a top 10 list of Christmas reads to help get you in the mood.

31 Oct

Horror Reads Found Outside of the Horror Section

Posted by Luke Daly in News
This week we are bringing you a list of book recommendations to help stay spooky into November. The books on this list are specifically chosen as “secret horror novels”. Books that tend not to be shelved in the Horror or Thriller sections of your favourite book shops but are terrifying nonetheless!